Install WordPress using Softaculous

This tutorial will guide you how to install WordPress with just few clicks using Softaculous.

Editorial Team 26 April 2022

Enter cPanel using the access data that we provide you. To enter you must use the following link

ingreso cpanel

Once inside cPanel you will find several sections, where you will have to look for the “Softaculous Apps Installer” section and click on the “WordPress” option


When you enter WordPress you should look for the “Install now” option and press it to enter the installation form


In the “Choose Protocol” protocol field you must change “http://” to “https//”

In the “Choose Domain” field you must keep the domain name, in this case “”

In the “in directory” field, you must leave it blank so that the installation is carried out on the root folder of the domain.

In the WordPress installation version you keep the most recent version “5.9.3”

In the “Admin Username” Section you must establish the username you will use to enter (For example: admin or the name you want)

In the "Admin Password" section you must set the password to enter the WordPress administrator, you can create your own password or use the generator that is on the right side of the password field


In the “Admin Email” section you will have to write the address you want for the administration of your WordPress

Once you have completed all the sections mentioned above, you will scroll to the bottom of the installation form and you will find the option to “Install”

At the end of the installation, you will be given the links and access data to the WordPress administration that you installed.

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