Account Functions

Creating a New Account

Updated: 26 April 2024
WHM Version: >100

Step 1: Log into WHM

Before you can create a new account, you must first log into your WHM. Open your preferred browser and navigate to your server's IP address followed by :2087. For example, if your server's IP address is, you would navigate to

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Create a New Account' page

Once you're logged into WHM, you'll need to navigate to the 'Create a New Account' page. To do this, find the Account Functions section in the left-hand navigation menu. Within this section, click on the Create a New Account option.

Step 3: Enter the new account details

On the 'Create a New Account' page, you'll need to enter the details for the new account. These details include:

  1. Domain Information: Enter the new account's domain, username, password, and email.
  2. Package: Choose the package that the new account will use. The package determines the resources available to the account.
  3. Settings: Adjust any additional settings as needed, such as the account's theme and locale.

Step 4: Create the new account

After you've entered all the necessary details, click the Create button at the bottom of the page. WHM will then create the new account and display a confirmation message once the process is complete.

Double-check your details

Before clicking the 'Create' button, double-check all the details you've entered for the new account. This can help prevent any issues or errors during the account creation process.

Step 5: Verify the new account

To verify that the new account has been created successfully, navigate to the 'List Accounts' page in WHM. This page can be accessed by clicking on the List Accounts option in the 'Account Information' section of the left-hand navigation menu. If the new account has been created successfully, it will appear in the list of accounts on this page.

Protect your Information

Remember to always keep your account details private and secure, especially the password. Sharing these details can compromise the security of your account and your server.


Creating a new account in WHM is a straightforward process that involves entering the account details, choosing a package, and adjusting the settings as necessary. By following the steps in this guide, you can easily create and manage accounts on your WHM server.

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