Domains & DNS

Create a new domain

Updated: 30 January 2024
cPanel Version: 118

This tutorial guides you through the process of adding a new domain to your cPanel account.

How to create a new domain in cPanel?

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Scroll down to the Domains section.
  3. Click on Domains.
  4. Click the Create a New Domain button at the top right of the page. A new interface will appear.
  5. In the Domain field, enter the domain name you wish to add to your account. Ensure that you have already registered this domain name with a domain registrar.
    • To create a new domain, enter the new domain name. For example,
    • To create a subdomain, enter a new name followed by a period (.) and then the website’s domain. For example, enter to create a subdomain of
  6. You can choose where to put the files for your new website (this is called the website's "document root"). To pick a different place for your files, uncheck the box that says "Share document root with ''," where "" is your main website. Remember, you can't put your new website's files outside of the "public_html/" folder. Doing this will make your new website an addon domain.
  7. Click Submit or click Submit and Create Another Domain.


Adding a new domain to your cPanel does not automatically register the domain name. Make sure that you've registered the domain with a domain registrar before adding it to cPanel.