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Dream Big, Build Bigger.

Let's redefine the limits of what's possible together, shall we? These are our most powerful servers, ready to boost your projects into the stratosphere with unmatched speed, reliability, and performance.

Host Websites, Applications or Services

A Whole CPU All to Yourself.

Enjoy the freedom of customization. With root access, the possibilities are limitless - tweak, modify, and install as you see fit.

All the Power to You.
With a dedicated CPU server, all the processing power is exclusively yours. This means your websites or applications can run more smoothly and quickly because they don't have to share these resources with anyone else.
More reliable.
Since you're not sharing your server with other users, there are fewer chances of slowdowns or crashes caused by someone else's activities. This makes dedicated CPU servers more reliable and stable.
Better security.
Having a dedicated server allows you to control the security measures fully. You can install firewalls, security protocols, and more to protect your data from hackers and other threats. There's less risk of being affected by the vulnerabilities of others, as you would be on a shared server.
Flexibility & Control.
You can customize your server to meet your specific needs. Whether you need specific software, system configurations, or special setups, you have the freedom to set it up exactly how you want it.
Your own IP address.
Your server will have its unique IP address. This is important because sharing an IP address on a shared server can lead to problems if another site on the server is behaving badly (like sending spam) and gets the IP address blacklisted.
Better Performance for High Traffic.
If your website or application experiences high traffic, a dedicated server can handle the load much better than shared options. This ensures that your users have a fast and smooth experience without lags or downtime.


Simple pricing.

Explore our range of pricing options, each meticulously crafted to offer the best value for businesses big and small. Experience the future of hosting, tailored to fit your budget.

Plan Price USD Select
Wink 4
4 GB RAM / 2 CPUs CPUs 80 GB Storage 4 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 4
Wink 8
8 GB RAM / 4 CPUs CPUs 160 GB Storage 5 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 8
Wink 16
16 GB RAM / 8 CPUs CPUs 320 GB Storage 6 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 16
Wink 32
32 GB RAM / 16 CPUs CPUs 640 GB Storage 7 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 32
Wink 64
64 GB RAM / 32 CPUs CPUs 1280 GB Storage 8 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 64
Wink 96
96 GB RAM / 48 CPUs CPUs 1920 GB Storage 9 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 96
Wink 128
128 GB RAM / 50 CPUs CPUs 2.5 TB Storage 10 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 128
Wink 256
256 GB RAM / 56 CPUs CPUs 5 TB Storage 11 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 256
Wink 512
512 GB RAM / 64 CPUs CPUs 7.2 TB Storage 12 TB Transfer
Select, Wink 512

Exciting Capabilities.

For the developers, geeks, and pros who dream in code and envision the next big thing, we're here to amplify your journey. We don't just offer tools; we offer momentum. Here's to the creators, the builders, the thinkers. Let's craft greatness together.


Complete Control

Root Access

Modify any aspect of the server's operating system and software, enabling maximum customization according to individual needs.

High Performance


High core and thread counts, enabling exceptional multi-threaded performance. This is especially beneficial for workloads that can take advantage of multiple cores, such as virtualization or certain computational tasks.

Blazing Fast

NVMe SSD Storage

Significantly faster read and write speeds compared to SATA SSDs and HDDs.

A big boost

Up to 40GB Network

Much more bandwidth than the more common networks, allowing more data to be transmitted simultaneously.

Stability & Reliability

Powered by Linux.

Power your online ventures with an OS celebrated for its stability, flexibility, and open-source innovation. Choose Linux with us and elevate your hosting experience.


AI Assistant

Delegate the tech-heavy tasks to our advanced AI Assistant. From troubleshooting hitches to fine-tuning optimizations, it's designed to guide and assist, ensuring you can concentrate on your core competencies.

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15 locations to choose from.

Boost your global reach with our VPS hosting. With data centers in 15 strategic regions, we guarantee rapid performance and reduced latency. Position your website or app closer to your audience for an unparalleled digital experience. Choose, connect, and conquer.

World Map
Atlanta Chicago Dallas Fremont Newark Toronto Washington
Europe & Middle East
Frankfurt London Mumbai Paris Stockholm
Asia & Pacific
Singapore Sidney Tokyo

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