Updated: 23 February 2024
cPanel Version: 118

AWStats is a powerful and feature-rich tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics. It is available in the cPanel of your web hosting account. This tutorial will guide you on how to use AWStats in cPanel.

Accessing AWStats

Let's start by accessing AWStats from your cPanel. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2. Under the Metrics section, click on Awstats.

Understanding AWStats

Once you have opened AWStats, you will see various statistics about your website. Here's what they mean:

  • Unique Visitors: The total number of unique visitors to your website.
  • Number of Visits: The total number of visits to your website.
  • Pages: The total number of pages viewed on your website.
  • Hits: The total number of hits your website received.
  • Bandwidth: The total amount of data transferred to visitors when they visited your website.

Using AWStats

Now that you understand what the statistics mean, you can use them to gain valuable insights about your website. For example, if you notice that a particular page on your website is getting a lot of hits, you might want to update it with fresh content or a call to action. Conversely, if a page is not getting many hits, you might want to improve its SEO or consider removing it altogether.

Using AWStats

Remember to check AWStats regularly to monitor the performance of your website and make necessary adjustments.

Updating AWStats

AWStats updates automatically every 24 hours. However, you can manually update it if you want to see the most recent data. Here's how:

  1. From the AWStats page in your cPanel, click on the Update now link at the top of the page.
  2. Wait for the update to complete. Once it's done, you will see the most recent data on the AWStats page.

Updating AWStats

Updating AWStats manually too often can consume server resources and slow down your website. Use this feature sparingly.

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