Managing Autoresponders

Updated: 12 February 2024
cPanel Version: 118

Autoresponders are automated emails that are triggered by incoming messages. They can be useful for various purposes such as sending out-of-office messages or promotional content. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating, managing, and deleting autoresponders in cPanel and webmail.

Creating an Autoresponder

  1. Log into your cPanel account.
  2. Click on the Email section and then select Autoresponders.
  3. Click on the Add Autoresponder button.
  4. Fill in the form with the required information (like the email address you want the autoresponder to come from, the subject of the autoresponder, and the body of the message).
  5. Once you're done, click the Create/Modify button.

Creating an autoresponder

Remember to keep your autoresponder emails professional and to the point. Avoid lengthy messages as they may not get read.

Managing an Autoresponder

  1. Go to the Email section in cPanel and select Autoresponders.
  2. In the list of autoresponders, find the one you want to manage and click on Edit next to it.
  3. Make the necessary changes and click Create/Modify to save them.

Deleting an Autoresponder

  1. Access the Email section in cPanel and select Autoresponders.
  2. Locate the autoresponder you want to delete and click on Delete next to it.
  3. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete Autoresponder to confirm your action.

Deleting an autoresponder

Be careful when deleting an autoresponder. Once deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Creating an Autoresponder in Webmail

  1. Go to the Webmail login page at Replace "" with your own domain.
  2. In the top right corner of the page, find the email address menu and choose "Autoresponders". You'll see the Autoresponders page next.
  3. On the Autoresponders page, look for the section labeled "add an autoresponder" and follow the instructions there to set up your autoresponder.

Once you've set up the autoresponder, any emails sent to your account will automatically receive your preset reply until you decide to remove it.

Edit an Autoresponder in Webmail

To edit an existing autoresponder, follow these steps:

  1. Find the autoresponder you wish to change in the list labeled "Current Autoresponders" and click "Edit". A page for editing will show up.
  2. Update the autoresponder's details as needed.
  3. Click "Modify" to save your changes.

Deleting an Autoresponder in Webmail

If you need to delete an autoresponder, here's how:

  1. Look for the autoresponder you want to remove in the "Current Autoresponders" list and click "Delete". You'll see a message asking if you're sure.
  2. Click "Delete Autoresponder" to confirm and remove it.

Deleting an autoresponder

Remember, once an autoresponder is deleted, it cannot be restored. Be sure you want to delete it before confirming your action.

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