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Who We Are & How We Got Here

Who are we? That's a profound question... Let's try to answer it as simple as possible:
We're a bunch of kind nerds who love everything about websites – making them, hosting them, and seeing them bring ideas to life.

Think of us as your friendly neighborhood web hosting company, full of friends that will have your back whenever you need help. Whether you're starting a blog, running a business, or setting up an online shop, we're here to make sure your website has a nice place on the internet.

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The Story Goes Like This...

In 2006, a couple of friends/geeks came together with a simple dream: to make web hosting easy and enjoyable for everyone (and to escape from the awful jobs we had at that time). With nothing but a borrowed credit card and no fancy suits or fancy office, we set out on our adventure, starting small but with hearts full of determination.

Our journey began by building trust, one happy customer at a time. We knew that treating every client like a cherished friend was the key to success. Late nights, endless cups of coffee, and countless lines of code later, we saw our efforts bear fruit as more and more people joined our web hosting family.

As the word spread about our exceptional service and genuine care, we grew beyond what we could have imagined. Today, we stand humbled and proud to be a go-to web hosting company, serving countless individuals and businesses worldwide. Our journey is driven by sheer passion, unwavering dedication, and an undying love for what we do.

"We knew that
treating every client like a cherished friend was the key to success"

Things We Are Good At

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Our Core Values.

Our core values are the heart of our culture and the compass for our actions. They guide us in how we treat each other, how we serve our customers, and how we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

1. Treat customers as friends.
Go above and beyond in helping others, aiming to make them feel appreciated and valued, just like you would treat a good friend.
2. Be extra kind.
Make an effort to be incredibly kind and understanding with everyone you meet.
3. Be open and honest.
Always be clear and truthful in what you say and do, so everyone feels they can rely on you.
4. Balance work and life.
Support each other in finding the right mix between doing well at work and enjoying life outside of it.
5. Try to bring new ideas often.
Be ready to change and lead with new approaches in a world that never stands still.
6. Keep getting better.
Always aim to learn and improve, both for yourself and at work.
7. Work well together.
Create a friendly and helpful place to work, where it feels like everyone's part of a big family.
8. Do more with less.
Optimize resources for sustainability and performance.
9. Keep our jobs exciting.
Ensure that every day at work is interesting and fulfilling.
10. Learn from Mistakes.
Let's grow and improve together by understanding what went wrong and how to do better next time.

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We Are A Bunch Of Kind Geeks.

We're a team of highly skilled engineers and talented designers, but more than that, we are good people, who are ready to help whenever you need us

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