How to delete files with cPanel?

cPanel is an interface that lets a user create and manage websites on a web hosting account

Editorial Team 20 April 2022

Enter cPanel using the access data that we provide you. To enter you must use the following link

ingreso cpanel

Once inside cPanel you will find several sections, where you will have to look for the "Files" section and click on the "File Manager" option


When you enter the File Manager you will find a list of folders where you will choose the folder in which you are going to delete the file.


Being inside the folder you can select the file that you are going to delete, press it and it will be marked in blue indicating the selected file


Once the file is marked, several options will be enabled at the top, where you will look for "Delete", press it and you will get a confirmation notice to delete, mark the option "Avoid garbage and permanently delete files" and then in “Confirm”


The file you had selected has already been completely deleted

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