How to change my cPanel Password?

cPanel is an interface that lets a user create and manage websites on a web hosting account

Editorial Team 20 April 2022

There are 3 options you can use to change your cPanel password.

Option 1

You can do it directly within the cPanel, in the upper right part where you find the username, displaying a small interface with several options when pressing it, look for the option "Security of the & password"


There you will see a password reset form where you will have to write the password you currently have and the new password you want to establish, once you have established it, click on "Change your password now"


Option 2

You can request the change through the WinkHosting CHAT support chat that you will find on our website and the access data will be sent to the email registered in the Hosting account


Option 3

Sending an email to from the address of the owner of the service requesting the reset of said password

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