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An essential part of our web page or portal is to have a good aesthetic, the page must be attractive and pleasant to see, part of this is achieved with a good combination of colors, a text with good legibility and images that attract the attention of our visitors.

Editorial Team 15 February 2022

An essential part of our web page or portal is to have a good aesthetic, the page must be striking and pleasant to see, part of this is achieved with a good combination of colors, text with good legibility and images that attract attention. of our visitors.

Surely you are wondering, what photos should I use on my page? It is a very difficult question to answer, even if we are or consider that we have talent as photographers, it is not always the case. either because it's not so easy to create a visual aesthetic, or because we don't have the right components to take a picture at a professional level.

In this article we will give you links to some pages that are photo banks, you should give them a review, although most are paid, their costs are not excessive, and in the worst case they can give you ideas of photos you can take for your page.

Photo banks for my website

There are many pages on the Internet that offer photos for websites and other projects, there are also all the images that search engines find quite easily, but the fact that they are available to view and download does not imply that we can use them, keep in mind that many They have copyrights that we must respect.

We have that the photos that some of the image banks offer for free, often have limitations in resolution or watermarks, which makes them unprofessional for use on our page; Here are some of what we consider to be the best banks:


This bank is one of the oldest on the market, it has a wide catalog of images for free use.

https:/ /pixabay.com/en/

You can use the images in commercial projects, what you cannot do is sell them or modify them in any way to make a profit from them. The license terms are:

Pixabay License


This portal contains both photos and videos that we can use in any type of project in a completely free way. Many of his photos are inclusive.

https:/ /www.pexels.com/

You can check their license conditions at:

Note that some of the photos lead to a link to iStocks, on these images if payments apply.


High-quality images, also free to use; It contains a good search engine in which we will surely find the image that best suits our needs.

https://unsplash .com/

Its license terms are as follows:

Unsplash License
https:/ /unsplash.com/license


Another of the “old” Internet photo banks, it has an extensive catalog and an excellent photo search engine, it offers both free and paid images (available at shutterstock).


In their licensing documentation they expose the types of licenses that the photographs have, ranging from completely free (CC0 Creative Commons) to commercial licenses.

Stockvault License

The license that applies to each image appears on the right side along with its attributes; The images that you could use with freedom are those with a CC0 license, and with some limitations those with a “Commercial” license.

Stockvault License

What is a CC0 license?

This type of license means that whoever produced the content makes his work public domain, renouncing all his rights over it; so anyone can use it in any type of project or to make new content.

Its definition is given by creativecommons as follows:

CC0 License

Based on this knowledge, it is important that the images we use have this type of license; Whenever possible when downloading an image, we should try to document for our own use the download path and image information including its license.

Paid Image Banks

Within the banks of paid images, two of the largest in the market, GettyImages and Shutterstock, these companies offer paid images with a high level of quality, it is important that you also know these portals so that you can see their great portfolio.< /p>


You have pretty good quality photos, and a complete inventory of images; the costs of their plans are (prices in USD$):

Getty Images
https://www. gettyimages.com/plans-and-pricing

A subsidiary of Gettyimages is iStock, which offers another price range.

Gettyimages Pricing


Giant of photographs; more than 100,000 photos are added to their databases every day, so you have many images to choose from; their plans are:



As you have noticed, there are extensive image banks available for your projects (both free and paid); It will be your duty to find which one best suits what you want to project, getting a good image is not always easy, especially when there is so much to evaluate.

Keep in mind that the image you choose is consistent with your site, both in colors and in meaning, an image is worth a thousand words; If you need to edit the image, you must verify the type of license that applies to it.

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