Most Used Web Languages 2020

We are going to name the most used web languages for page development today; This helps you set a learning path, as well as to evaluate if you should think about updating part of your code, or renewing some modules.

Editorial Team 19 May 2020

At the time of writing this article (April 2020) we are going to name the most used web languages ??for page development today; this helps you to set a course of learning, as well as to evaluate if you should think about updating part of your code, or renewing some modules.

Web development, like many industries, is no stranger to evolution. On the contrary, new languages ??and functionalities come out every day that allow us to achieve better results, both in terms of operation and presentation. Do you remember what web pages were like a few years ago? This is why periodically it is convenient to evaluate the benefit of a renewal, and for this it is imperative that you know the current programming languages ??in the market; obviously you can continue programming in the language you speak, but it is good to know new languages ??that possibly allow you to implement the changes you want to make more easily.

Why should I renew my code

You may be thinking, my code works fine, why should I renew it?

It is a question that can be answered with several arguments, although it is true that if your code works and is well done, it is highly possible that it will continue to work without problems for a long time.

Among the advantages of renewing a code we have:

  • Process optimization; the advancement of programming languages, especially for the Web sector, has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. it is possible that you have functions with many lines of code, which today can be summarized, facilitating the documentation process and taking better advantage of new browsers.
  • Ease of maintenance; many codes are written in languages ??that tend to be forgotten, so fewer and fewer programmers really understand them, making maintaining them complex; It is not the same to implement new functions in codes that are understood and with libraries that facilitate the process than in “obsolete” languages.
  • Ease of development; the new languages ??in theory have faster learning curves, and allow us to implement a greater number of functionalities with fewer lines of code in our software.
  • Security; languages ??as such do not provide security, this is mostly related to the quality of development; however, there may be gaps that have not been taken into account by the programmer.
  • Compatibility with new standards.

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List of most used languages

Taking the Stackoverflow survey the list of the languages ??on which the most queries are made, we have: (

  1. JavaScript
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. Java
  6. Bash/ Shell/PowerShell
  7. C#
  8. PHP
  9. C++
  10. TypeScript

According to the list, JavaScript is the most used language, and this in turn has several Frameworks available, which have advantages and disadvantages (java and JavaScript are different languages).

These indices are updated monthly for TIOBE and annually for Stackoverflow, and are based on the number of qualified engineers worldwide; extracting the information of courses, as well as in the statistics of information search of these languages ??in the main engines.

Framework most used in JavaScript

You are wondering what is a Framework?, a simple answer is; It is a framework that allows us to access functions and classes to use them directly in our development, optimizing time and establishing standards for access to functionalities, which will facilitate teamwork and allow us to have modularity. A simple example of using a Framework is reading text files, you can do the code directly, or use a Framework for it which quickly allows you to implement binary reading, ASCII, specify encoding, index reading with few lines of code .

Using the Stackoverflow tool that allows us to know the number of queries per language we have:

This Framework is used by applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook.

Along with React it is the most used, so there are a lot of resources available on the Web to learn how to program with it.

It is not possible to say which Framework is better than another, they are all quite powerful and allow you to create professional software, for all of them you find enough documentation available which will allow you to study them in depth.


Evaluate if it is time to update your Web page and what language would you use to do it, as we name the language that is currently dominating the Web development market is JavaScript, this in turn has Frameworks available that offer very good documentation, and of which you will find information on both free and paid courses to learn how to use them.

We cannot recommend a JS Framework, they are all quite powerful and with any of them you can do work from basic to highly complex; We recommend that you choose the one you like the most and deepen your knowledge of its use, you will see that after you master one, using the others will be a little easier.

Today we want everything for now; you have heard phrases like “learn to program in 24 hours”; programming like any activity requires a lot of practice, have the conviction and start programming, you will see how you are improving; being a good programmer takes years.

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