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Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the development of applications and/or Web pages, you need to know the main Framework depending on the language you use.

Editorial Team 15 February 2022

Whether you are a beginner or advanced in the development of applications and/or Web pages, you need to know the main Framework depending on the language you use.

A Framework is a set of libraries that contain some of the most used functions in programming, for example, reading and writing text files, access to databases, etc.; there is no need to reinvent the wheel, probably many of the features you need are already implemented in the Framework, so it is recommended to read the documentation to quickly understand and implement the features you require.

At the time of writing this article (October 2020), we will present you with a list and access links to some of the most important Frameworks according to our criteria and use, as you know it is somewhat subjective, since it is a fairly extensive field.< /p>


PHP is one of the main languages ??of the Web; Its use has been declining, however, do not be fooled by this, it is a fairly powerful language, tested and documented. Two of its best known Frameworks are Laravel and Symfony, although there are many more.


Works for PHP greater than or equal to 7.3 (currently the most stable version is 7.4.11), currently the most recent stable version of Laravel is 8.3; it is quite intuitive and well documented. in English, including information about its installation. courses in English for Laravel developers and Web tools


It offers complete documentation in Spanish, so the language is not an obstacle in the event that the English language is difficult for you; It is an Open Source tool that is governed by the MIT license, so you can use it for commercial purposes (under some restrictions).

< tr> page. in Spanish< /td>Complete courses in English on programming with sf


For a few years now, programming with JS has been gaining ground, since both Web applications and applications for mobile devices can be created (today the most widely used operating system worldwide is Android); One of its characteristics is to be able to carry out applications, both on the client side and on the server side. JS has a large community of programmers and Framework.

The three most used Frameworks are Angular, Vue.js, React (the order does not imply that one is better than another, each one has its advantages). It should be noted that there are many more Frameworks for that language.


With Angular we can carry out developments for both Web, mobile and desktop devices. There is a lot of content, groups and tutorials on its use. The latest stable version as of today is 10.1.5 (07OCT20); Angular is supported by Google, so it is not expected to lose support soon, although in the world of programming everything changes very quickly.

To use Angular you must have knowledge of JavaScript, and knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended. Tutorial


It is a quite versatile Framework and also widely distributed worldwide, as with Angular, you must know how to program in JavaScript and knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended. Vue.js offers video tutorials in English explaining its operation. Tutorials (English)


This open source library is currently maintained by Facebook, it is also called ReactJS or React.js; currently the latest version is 16.13.1 of March 19, 2020.
Among its advantages are the existing documentation in Spanish. documentation's GitHub

Which JS Framework should I learn in 2021?

With just two months to go until the end of 2020, it's time to start mapping out our programming goals for the new year; We recommend that before choosing any of the options you have, you evaluate your knowledge in JavaScript, you must have a strong knowledge in order to better understand the use of any of these libraries.

Which Framework to use does not have a single answer. it all depends on the needs you have; Laborally analyzing Google Trends, we have that the most used Framework worldwide is Vue.js; For Colombia, there is a lot of homogeneity in the use of these Frameworks.

.Net Core

Net Core is a Microsoft Framework, which has been gaining ground in recent years (it was created in 2016); works under the model view controller (MVC), currently the most stable version is 3.1.8 of September 8, 2020.

With this Framework we can create multi-platform applications, and it is not necessary to have a server with IIS as was the case with APS.Net; being multiplatform, we have the possibility of mounting our page on a Linux server. It must be taken into account that a reverse proxy is needed for a Web development that uses this Framework to work correctly.

To use this Framework it is necessary to know some of the languages developed by Microsoft, the most popular being C#. installation documentation Core on Linux (English)


There is more than one Framework available for each programming language; before using any of them, it is recommended that you master the language in which you want to programar Remember that the Framework are a set of libraries that allow us to reduce our programming times when synthesizing functions, but without a good foundation on the languages, we can use them very little.

The world of programming is constantly changing, it is recommended to learn the Framework in its latest versions, and evaluate if the update can affect code already written. There are new Frameworks depending on the technology, which you can evaluate according to your needs.

Document yourself as well as possible about the Framework of your interest and its advantages over others, each one has positive and negative points.

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