How to learn JavaScript easily?

Learn to program in JavaScript studying only 5 minutes a day

Editorial Team 28 March 2022

Recently Google is advertising a tool created by them to learn to program in JavaScript by studying five minutes a day; This APP has been on the market for more than three years, but it is being advertised for Latin America since it is in Spanish.

Knowing a programming language can be considered almost as important as knowing a second language, because the generation of software allows repetitive processes to be streamlined, increasing productivity.

Learn JavaScript with Google Grasshopper

Google's tool to learn JavaScript programming is called Grasshopper, with it you can learn without having prior knowledge of programming, it is available on Android and iOS.

Javascript according to Google is the language used by at least 70% of programmers, since it is used to implement solutions for Web and mobile devices.

It is a very didactic App that teaches basic programming concepts, it is in Spanish which makes learning even easier.

Currently (March 2022) it is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher, for iOS it is compatible with version 8.0 or higher.

Among the advantages of this App is teaching for people with different levels of knowledge, from basic to advanced users (in programming there is always something to learn), and also the advantage of obtaining certificates from Google.

How long will it take me to learn programming?

It's a single unanswered question, learning the basics and programming concepts is pretty quick; you can know types of variables, conditionals, cycles, iterations, functions, classes, structures... etc. In a few days, even hours, but this does not make you a programmer, like knowing a piano and learning its octaves does not make you a pianist.

To learn to program you must have dedication and discipline, set goals and achieve them; many people get discouraged because they do not see how to apply the knowledge they are acquiring, by not having an objective they quickly lose interest, for this reason it is important to set goals (that you can achieve), to make applications that help you on a day-to-day basis is a good start.


With this free-to-use App developed and maintained by Google you can learn to program JavaScript regardless of whether you have a basic level or are an advanced programmer.

Learning programming concepts is the first step; becoming a (good) programmer takes years, and like any discipline requires effort and dedication, set goals that you can meet and meet them.

You can find tons of programming tutorials online these days. YouTube videos, Web tutorials, PDF books, Apps, etc. So much information instead of being an advantage can become overwhelming, since we don't know which one to start using (starting with the language to choose), from our own experience we recommend that you start a single tutorial until you finish it.

Try to implement what you have learned through practice, learning to program without implementing it makes us quickly forget what we have learned, and we lose interest by not seeing an application to knowledge.

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