How much does it cost to create a Web page?

A fairly recurring concern of those who want to create a Web page is the amount they will have to invest to have a functional page; It's not an easy question to answer, but we hope to give you an idea of the costs to expect, both fixed and variable.

Editorial Team 15 February 2022

A fairly recurring concern of those who want to create a Web page is the amount they will have to invest to have a functional page; It's not an easy question to answer, but we hope to give you an idea of ??the costs to expect, both fixed and variable.

Having a page goes beyond being an information service for your services and products, it is considered that all companies should have an internet presence in the short term.

Fixed Costs

As fixed costs we have those associated with hosting rent (where our page will be stored) and the domain (name of our page); Depending on the plan used, there are small variations, as with the domain that we are going to use, they can have small variations depending on the extension used.

Taking a "Business" plan we have an annual cost close to USD$35, which gives us less than USD$3 per month for a plan that offers us everything we need to implement from a basic page to a complete portal.

This is considered a fixed cost because it does not have major variations and is a value known from the beginning, the same does not happen with the development of the page.

Page Creation

This is one of the highest costs associated with this type of project; there are countless ways and languages ??to create a page, you can do something as simple as creating a document in Word, and then save it as an HTML file (completely flat page). Or implement professional development with dynamic pages, style pages and what is considered a high level page.

For some years there have been free solutions such as WordPress or Joomla, cataloged as CMS (Content Management System); these tools allow us to create content "easily" using their own editor, they are one of the easiest ways to create content and for them there are many templates on the Web.

Our hosting plans incorporate the use of this type of tools in order to facilitate the implementation of your website.

Do we dare to create our page?

As you might imagine, this method apparently has no associated cost; However, you must bear in mind that the time you invest is time you stop dedicating to your business and achieving a professional result requires a lot of dedication and very specific knowledge; relying on CMS tools is a good start.

With Joomla or WordPress, you can choose to download and use templates that you like from different portals that offer these types of services such as:

https: //

Depends on the type of page you want to offer your users, the requirements are different; In the case of wanting an eCommerce you must be careful with the security of the information and the shopping cart and payment system require more specialized knowledge than a portfolio or personal page.

But this is not a reason to discourage you, while you acquire more solid knowledge you can rely on third-party tools to receive payments.

Hire someone to make our page?

When we do not have time, and technical tools are not our thing, we can hire someone to make our page. You probably have an acquaintance who has "some" knowledge of the subject and seems not to charge you much, you should analyze if you give the opportunity to someone who is starting in this field (we all need a first opportunity sometime). Payments in this case will depend on the knowledge and dedication of the person.

These prices are speculative since they depend on what the person wants to charge and the tools they have to use to carry out the work, in which we consult the prices for someone who has medium to low knowledge charges approximately COP$2 M ($540).

Hire a company

Depending on the type of page, a company can bethe best way, since they have highly specialized personnel and specific knowledge in the work; Among those consulted, the costs are on average between COP$6M-10M (USD$1,600 - 2,700) for an eCommerce, extra costs can be associated in the event that you require logo designs, Web positioning, digital Marketing, etc; each solution is specific and so are the implementation prices.

Hiring a company is highly recommended when your business is quite large and you do not have a development area, also in the case of large companies you cannot skimp on this type of item, since the user experience is very important and You can degrade the recognition you have in your industry due to a poor quality website.


It all depends on the development you want to implement, creating an eCommerce is not the same as creating a page with the portfolio of our services or personal pages.

Depending on who is contracted for the development, the costs have a fairly wide range, in general the expected costs for a small development are:

Prices may vary depending on the taxes applied in each country, the charges made by developers according to their experience, tools used, etc. The specified ranges are for Latin America and correspond to a small development; In the case of a development for, for example, a department store, the costs are far exceeded and require full-time developers.

Extra costs may be generated due to other services such as logo generation, graphic design, digital marketing, photographs of elements and page positioning, among others.

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