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A highly used tool for them to contact us, apart from email and telephone lines, is communication through chat messages. Check some tools that can help you.

Editorial Team 15 February 2022

A highly used tool for them to contact us, apart from email and telephone lines, is communication through chat messages; There are several mechanisms that you can use for this, simple implementations such as access to a line associated with WhatsApp, code on the Web page both free and paid, to much more complex developments that implement artificial intelligence (AI) to respond to our customers without the need for interaction with a human being.

Implementation Tips with WhatsApp

One of the simplest mechanisms for them to contact you through chat is the WhatsApp tool; it is widely distributed worldwide and is available for most commercial operating systems; WhatsApp offers an API for businesses, the project page is:

Among the advantages of a corporate account are:

  • Creation of the company profile, defining data such as address, hours, contact numbers.
  • Database with quick answers, such as a greeting.
  • Sending of automated messages.
  • Be able to label and store your clients' information.

WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, so it is recommended that you also have a page on its portal; You can register your company on this platform through the following link:

If you decide to implement this type of solution, keep in mind:

  • Try to minimize response times, this increases customer confidence.
  • The basic version of the API is free, in the case of large companies that require a service center such as a call center, a "partner" is required that offers different price plans depending on the service required.

Tools for the implementation of Chat on the Web Page

Live helper chat

Another option you can use is by using free software tools like Live Helper Chat; To implement this solution you need to have PHP and MySQL. Through this application you can create a bot that automatically responds to common questions. The page of this project is:

This tool, although it is free, also offers a paid version, which includes support and implementation; Among the advantages of this tool we have:

  • Free software
  • Possibility of creating bots
  • Information storage in databases.
  • Easy implementation.
  • < li>Constant improvements.
  • Can work with Telegram.
  • Text dictation.


This application offers a free version and also offers a paid version; among the differences is the number of people behind the chat; difference in the implementation of bots, among others.

Their prices start at around USD$27 per month.


Free tool based on JS to offer the chat service on your website; According to its portal, the implementation is done in minutes.

Among the disadvantages of this type of solution may be that there is no certainty of the destination of the shared informationvia chat.

Among its business model is offering people who answer the chat at low cost.


This tool also offers both a free and a paid version, its prices are quite comfortable, so it is recommended to either use the paid option, or use free software.

The free version only supports one operator (person answering the chats), and the chat history will only be kept for 30 days; include a greater number of operators and more storage time is around USD$10 per month per operator.


As we have shown you, there is more than one option to implement chat communication with your customers, from high-profile tools such as WhatsApp, free tools, free and paid tools.

Any new communication channel can bring new customers and facilitate communication, so you should consider implementing this type of media on your page.

In the case of using this method of communication, keep in mind to offer short response times; Also keep in mind the implementation of bots that allow you to offer quick answers and automated messages for common questions, this will save you time and money.

Try to store this type of records, in order to offer traceability with communications with your clients.

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