10 qualities of the best hosting companies

Power, speed, security, stability and technical support, consult the main qualities of the best hosting companies.

Editorial Team 15 February 2022

Let's talk about the qualities of the best hosting, but first, let's break down the complex elements surrounding website hosting. For example, its features, types and the main question "Why?"

Businesses trust unique, different and authentic hosting companies as it contributes to their path to success. Much more, if your company uses the web to sell online.
A powerful and fast web hosting service is vital. You must find the best hosting company.
In addition, the information you handle is very important, you should find a company that has several security filters, that has a firewall, antivirus, antispam, that offers a free SSL certificate and that lays the foundations for your website to work perfectly. .

These are the main qualities of the best hosting company:

1. Availability

Suppose your website is down. Now, your visitors will not be able to visit the website and this will directly affect your earnings, good reputation, your brand and your future. Businesses can't afford to take their website offline, no matter if it's just for a few minutes! Therefore, you should choose a hosting service that has an uptime of 99.9% or higher, as it proves its reliability.

2. Speed

Do you want to wait several minutes, doing nothing, while you make an online purchase? Absolutely not. Your customers wouldn't like it either. Successful companies like Amazon have high-speed websites that load very quickly. If your website is slow and takes a long time to load, customers will leave and probably never come back. You must find a fast web hosting service, with a channel of at least 1Gbps.

3. Location

Web servers in your region will be much faster (Depending on channel and connection type). If you have a company in Colombia, hiring hosting services in Germany is a mistake. Hire a local company that has servers on the same continent, that work the same hours as you and, of course, that has support in your language.

4. Fair Prices (Never choose the cheapest!)

Sure, you should always look for economy, but generally the company with the lowest price also provides the poorest services. Choose a web hosting with a price according to your budget, that has a robust infrastructure and provides stable, fast and quality services, and that generates the highest cost/benefit.

5. Bandwidth

Let's make an analogy. Imagine if you could only serve 5 people per day. After customer number 5, your doors close. Customers would be furious to learn that your website can't get enough people on board. Therefore, a large bandwidth is needed. Web hosting companies charge more for additional bandwidth, so make sure you have this option available.

6. Technology

A quality web hosting should have as many functionalities as possible. Your customers will have better experiences if your website is packed with features and technologies that give them a more convenient user experience. You should verify in advance that they offer you the best control panel, subdomains, support for the main programming languages ??and databases, depending on your requirements.

7. Space

Waiting is a pain, but lack of space is worse. The best web pages require space to house a lot of content, images, photos, resources, etc. Find ample space for your files, so you have the freedom to add new resources at any time, without limitations.

8. Support

Imagine that you have a problem in any company, and you do not receive help or an answer. You would be frustrated and about to hit someone. That is why a hosting service with fast, precise attention and with various means of contact is essential. If they provide quick responses to your questions, complaints, and claims, you're good to go. Find out about the services and response time to find out more.

9. Email Accounts

You should know the number of email accounts offered, and their size, the limit of shipments per hour, the compatibility to configure email accounts with tools such as Outlook, your cell phone or your tablet. Make sure they give you full control over emails and easy ways to manage them.

10. Security

In the age of hackers and spammers, you're never too sure. Having a hosting service that not only promises, but delivers is a must for a business in 2020. You need to be able to sleep comfortably at night, knowing that your website isprotected against viruses, spam bots and hackers who would try to harm your website.

And with this we conclude what, in our view, are the qualities that the best web hosting service has. Remember to research and consult several companies first, compare, and ask the necessary questions before hiring.

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